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PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range

Dogs and Cats are considered to be very playful. Initially, they tend to escape the premises or harm your garden by digging through trash or landscaping. There is always a danger of it jumping into a pool or pond too. The dog or cat does not realize, but it could get hit by a car, get into a fight with any other animal, knock over people or get lost and hurt.

When a dog is let out of the premises or let harm the garden, it reinforces the behavior of ignoring the owner, crossing premises, and running loose.
PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range, Pet Proofing for Cats and Dogs, Static Stimulation
You need to prevent such acts, but don’t want a big bulky fence in and around the problem area. One such way is to use The Pawz Away Pet Barrier which can take away all your stress. It looks like a rock in your landscape; this transmitter wirelessly creates a circular radio signal with an 8-foot radius (Depending on the variant). With the addition of the fence, you can craft a loop of any shape or size up to 150 feet (Depending upon the variant).

There are four variants to PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range:

* Mini
* Indoor
* Outdoor
* Threshold

The Mini one is compatible with dog collars. Its use is to protect household belongings like preventing the dog to get on a kitchen counter, trash cans, furniture, etc. The mini barrier should be placed near such area you wish to protect. It will raise correction alarm starting at the lowest level and increases every 3 seconds when your pet tries to approach it; the safety shut-off will stop the correction after 15 seconds. The system supports pets over 5lb and with a neck size varying from 6 inches to 28 inches. The Indoor one protects a particular area in the house and dog avoids entering such an area. The diameter in which the Indoor Barrier works ranges from 2 to 12 diameters. It uses the progressive static correction technique to find out the correct level of your particular pet. It is designed for pets over 5lb and with a neck size varying from 6 inches to 28 inches.

The outdoor one helps protect all your landscaping, be it be a pool, outdoor fixtures, garden, play area and trash cans placed outside. The barrier in this one is in disguise as a rock, which may not make it evident and your pet cannot quickly figure it out. The barrier should be put in/near the area you wish to restrain your pet from going. It protects the area within the diameter of 16 feet, which can be extended to 150 feet by creating a custom shaped barrier of boundary wire which is sold separately.

PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers

The threshold one is different. In it, the electronic barrier will make the dog abstain from using a particular easement, such as blocking it from stairs and through the doorway, or from stepping over the main gate of the house. The threshold barrier is to be fixed horizontally to the stair, against the wall or at the edges of the gate. It protects and covers the area up to 31 inches.

How does all of the above barriers work?

The installed barrier transmits radio signals to the collar attached to your pet’s neck, which shall block him from entering or using any such area. When the pet reaches or is near the blocked area, it hears a recurring beep from the collar, as well as a slow and gradual progressive static correction from the collar. The beep acts as a warning to let your pet abstain from entering the blocked area, and the correction startles it to not come any further in the restricted premises.

The pet tends to learn the pattern and get to know which areas it is restricted to go near.


Reasonable cost: The traditional fencing is quite expensive, whereas the electronic pet barrier is reasonable in cost.
Reliability: Dogs tend to jump off, or dig through the fences and escape. It becomes difficult with electronic barriers as it transmits correctional waves into the pet as and when it tries to approach the restricted area.
Convenience: The electronic barrier is installed quickly and easily. Whereas in the traditional method of fencing, it takes a lot of efforts, time and energy to set up.
Protection: The intruders won’t be able to know that the dog won’t get to them as there is no physical fencing, which may scare the intruder off, thus increasing security.


Training: To ensure the reliability of the barrier, the owner needs to train the pet by walking it around and making it learn where the fence is.
No total protection: Though the barrier prevents your pet from not escaping the restricted boundaries, it does not abstain the other animals enter the farm and create chaos.
Frustration due to barrier: The pet gets frustrated with the regular use of correction on it, as it does not give it full freedom to roam around even occasionally. In this case, the owner should ensure that it be used to train it, as pets do like the freedom to roam around and play.
Reliability: The batteries running out is a commonly occurring event, which lets the dog escape if not trained properly at an early stage.

System Includes (PetSafe Barrier):

* 50 boundary flags
* Wireless transmitter along with adaptor
* Receiver collar
* Test light
* Long contact points for long-haired dogs
* Operating and training guide


The product works great for both dogs and cats. It abstains them from reaching the restricted areas of the premises. The collar fits just fine with the size adjustability. The outdoor barrier within the disguise of a rock does not let the pet eliminate it or have a suspicion; it only experiences correctional waves when in that area.

The only problem with the product is the warning beep sound that it emits, the duration of warning in itself is sufficient wherein the pet can escape or enter the restricted area before the correction starts. The correction period should begin as and when the pet approaches near the barrier.

The required training is a very critical task as the owner needs to ensure that the pet experiences the correction when putting into the area with the barrier.

Overall: Amazing product to protect your pet from any danger and mental calmness of the owner relating to its pets safety.

PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range

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PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range
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