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Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 Wireless Fence for Home or Travel Review

What is Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25?

Wireless Fence for Home or TravelThis is wireless fencing system which one can use in training his/her dog at home or on travel not to move out of its backyard. After a few periods of time, dogs learn quickly, and they will begin responding to the warning tone produced by the WIRELESSFENCE25 device. They will learn this in line with the location provided by the invention which can be adjusted in 15 levels in which you can modify the standard according to the area you need your dog to remain. In most cases, where you are dealing with stressful situations or difficult dogs, you will need to make use of the challenging levels.

Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 Wireless Fence for Home or Travel Review

How does Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 operate?

A user’s or a training guide and manual are followed when you purchase this device. This will be very useful in ensuring that the training done on the dog is adequate and to provide the transmitter works very effectively and efficiently.
How does Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 operate
The following is some of the guides on how to use the wireless fence transmitter;

  • Turn on your transmitter.
  • Select the best level for your dog which will determine the radius it can move from the point set as the center.
  • Put it on around the dog’s neck by the use of the collar receiver that comes with the transmitter.
  • For effectiveness in training, you need to put some flags at the boundary lines so that the dog will learn where it should remain intact. These flags can be placed to a maximum of an area of one (1) acre that is supported by the transmitter.
  • After it is set, when the dog moves past the boundary line, receiver collar produces a warning tone that is loud to warn the dog from more trespass.
  • After returning to their safety are and the boundary provided, a static correction is done, and the warning tone remains quite which offer the training to the dog until it is used to the same.

What are the features that accompany the Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25?

The following are the features of the Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25:
• It is a fence designed for usage in both home and travel areas.
• It contains a transmitter that provides a wireless boundary at a given radius from its position while the collar is put on the dog’s neck which provides a warning tone in case the dog passes the boundary line.
• It contains two different training modes to be used depending on the type of dog and one’s preferences which include; tone-only mode, and the nine levels of static correction mode which range from gentle to firm.
• A waterproof lightweight collar to pick signals from the transmitter and give the warning tone.
• It has batteries that are rechargeable.
• Contain a collar indicator of a low battery requiring to be recharged.
• No wires are needed to be set up or buried outside your backyard, but it entirely operates under the wireless system.
• It can be used as a fencing system for two dogs but with different collars which will be obtained by purchasing an extra necklace.
• A backlit LCD screen that is easy to read while setting up your modes and different levels.
• It has allowed a circular coverage of 1 acre from the transmitter point in which the signals are transmitted without fail.
• Training flags to be placed at the boundary lines.
• Power adapters to be used in charging your transmitter as well as the collar unit.
• It is best for pets that are over 20lbs.
• Users and manual guide to be used in knowing how to use the transmitter and the collar for efficiency and during your training.
Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 Wireless Fence

What are the limitations on the functionality of the Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25?

There are some situations where this product will not function as expected hence limiting its functionality. Some of the limitations include;

  • Obstacles between the transmitter and the collar on the dog’s neck can affect the range in which the signal is detected. This includes barriers that would be in the boundary area such as trees, metal and also walls as signals are blocked which might reduce the detection distance.
  • Inconsistency in the signal naturally caused by other factors can lead to the non-detection of signals hence leading to the creation of escape areas.
  • The need to use batteries limits as it would not keep the charge for a very long time but will require being recharged. Also, the batteries may give up hence the need for replacement; otherwise, it will not function correctly.

What will be found in the Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 box?

On purchasing the Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25, the full box will come with other features rather than the transmitter and the collar only. Below are all that will be found in this box;
• Wireless fence unit with LCD screen
• Pet collar unit – best fits pets over 20 lbs
• Power adapters (for pet collar & wireless fence units)
• Rechargeable battery (for wireless fence unit)
• Nylon collar strap
• 2 Pairs collar contacts-long & short (for pet collar unit)
• Training flags x 50
• Test light
• Outdoor ground stake (for wireless fence unit)
• User’s guide

What is the best and effective way to use the wireless fence system and in a safe way?

Dogs being very dangerous you will need this wireless fence system to work correctly without any faults otherwise you will find yourself in trouble when your dog cause harm in other areas. With this, there is a high need to know how to use it such that it will be useful as well as that you will be sure of the safety of the fencing system.
From the above, you will need the following;

  • Follow explicit instruction both in the installation of the fencing system and on how to train your dog using the same and in a safe manner. After understanding the instructions, you are assured of an effective method as well as full safety is guaranteed.
  • Paying attention to warnings given by the manufacturer for the use of the fence and discontinuing its use where it is seen to have adverse effects on your dog. After you stop the usage, you can then seek professional advice on the same.
  • A static stimulation should stimulate the dog’s muscles rather than causing any harm to the dog. Ensure that the product creates stimulus only on the dog’s muscles.

In conclusion, the usage of the Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 is one of the best fencing systems in your homestead. It will, also, be of great use if you are that person who loves to move into vacations with your dog. With this, you will be assured of the safety of your dog. The dog also has high learning abilities, and it will adapt within a few days, and it will not get outside the boundary line even without the system on it.
Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 Wireless Fence for Home or Travel

  • Make sure that the Pet Collar Unit is properly fitted on your dog. Loosely fitted collar will affect performance. For proper fit, the collar should be snug, yet loose enough to allow two fingers to fit between the strap and dog's neck.7.0
  • Ideally, your dog should at least be 6 months old and should be able to recognize basic obedience commands such as “Sit” or “Stay” before using the system.8.0
  • . The system is designed to get your dog’s attention, not to punish it. However, the initial correction may startle your dog.10.0
  • The WIRELESSFENCE25 has up to 1 acre circular coverage area when there is a clear line of site between wireless fence unit and collar unit. Range may vary depending on area of installation of wireless fence unit indoors.10.0
  • After the initial training period at home, dogs quickly learn to respond to the warning tone prior to any static correction in new locations and with 15 levels of stimulation to choose from, you can select the level that is right for your dog -- a gentle reminder or higher levels for difficult dogs or dangerous situations.10.0

The Motorola Wireless Fence is a great way to keep your dog from straying both at home and while traveling. This unique containment solution uses a small wireless transmitter that creates a circular boundary to protect your pet and keep him from wandering. With tone only and fifteen levels of static correction, from very gentle to firm, the Motorola Wireless Fence has just the right touch to meet the needs of most any dog’s personality.

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Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 Wireless Fence for Home or Travel Review
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