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KD Outdoor Wireless Containment System Review

KD-661R is one of the most trustworthy products used for safe pet fencing. The electronic wireless pet fencing system will provide a secured security zone where your pet will roam around freely and complete his everyday activities. You will also worry less about your pet after installing this system. The transmitter must be located in the center of the complete radius which you needed to be covered. It will cover a big area of 500 meters up to 78 hectares. Your pet will feel independent and will enjoy roaming safely in such a vast space. This system will also train your pet to keep him in a bounded area for his activities. You can use this amazingly useful product for playtime, home, or for outdoor trips where you need to take your pet with you.

Benefits of KD Outdoor Wireless Containment System:

The system is a very good system especially if you are engaged in some work and finding it difficult to manage your pet. If your pet is eager or stubborn then you are going the right way by installing the system. There are a lot of great features in the electronic wireless pet fencing system which you will love and enjoy to use. First of all, the system is completely wireless so there are no flags in it. Other than that, the setup is very easy and the system shuts off very quickly too.

The central transmitter which is located in the center of the 500-meter radius will ensure the security of your pet and the big area will fill your pet with joy and it can do whatever it wants in any way.More importantly, your pet will feel absolutely comfortable in the fence. The transmitter which is used in the system is rechargeable and the battery capacity is also very high so that it can run a full day without causing any real problem. The collar which is in the package is rechargeable too and has a huge potential in training the pet. Not to forget the collar is fully waterproof.

Now, if you are thinking about the correction levels of the system, you will be amazed to know that there are as many as 100 different correction levels which are adjustable and will give you complete control over the system as well as your pet. There are more facilities as not one but a transmitter can control multiple collar receivers. This is an amazing feature as you will be now able to control more than one pet with just one transmitter. Isn’t it great?
Like every other system, this system has different pros and cons too. If you are going to buy the system, you need to know all about it. The full details on the pros and cons of the system are mentioned below.

Pros and Cons

· The most important and great feature of the system is that it is wireless.
· There are 100 different correction levels which are adjustable and will give you complete control over the system as well as your pet and you will be able to train your pets more easily choosing the level of your desire depending on your training style.
· The system is completely waterproof.
· The battery is rechargeable along with very high capacity which allows you to control your pet for a long time and that’s a big scope for its training and other activities.
· If you think that the charging is not working properly, you can connect a mobile phone of yours with the charging cable and check the status that if it is working fine or not.
· You will get a huge space using this product which is great for your pet as they always like to roam around in bigger places.
· All the functions of the system are very easy to handle and useful. · You will get a sound if your pet is going out of the wireless fence and you can take the precaution to take care of any unwanted accident.
· The charge of the collars does not stay too long. It stays for a maximum of 10 to 12 hours only. The receiver present there can work up to 15 days but due to the not so good receiver battery, you need to charge it every day once or twice.
· Don’t forget to check the LED indicator in the system as if your receiver is fully charged and stayed like it for more than 4 hours, the light in the indicator will automatically turn blue. This will start attacking the dog randomly whether it is inside the range or outside. And sadly there is no such way present which can turn the power of the shock down.
· The receiver can cause a bit of problem while you try to set the transmitter up. For that, you can follow the instruction manual carefully and the issue will be solved. You can also visit the official website for helpful videos and instructions.

There are many such systems. One of the best among them is the KD Outdoor Wireless Containment System. The reviews of the products are excellent and they present to you the best quality. If you buy the product, you surely bought one of the best wireless fencing product in the world right now. Most customers right now are vouching for this product. The adjustable collar of the product will fit your dog easily as it can fit any neck size with complete ease. The system can handle many collars at once so it is easy for you to control more than one pet at any given time.

The KD Outdoor Wireless Containment System will create a wireless boundary which will help you if you are doing some work as you don’t have to think about your pet anymore and you know it will be safe. The range of the boundary will be quite big, normally 1 to 2 acres. The boundary can be extended to 90 meters in all directions. Different users can also bring their pet at a single place and with only one transmitter they can handle all the pets at once. This is one of the most loved features as you can visit your friend’s place who has the same system and can easily take your dog with you. Likewise, multiple friends can hang out using this process. The battery is good but it needs to be replaced every couple of months to keep the system in good shape. Your time will be saved as the dog will automatically learn about the new boundaries in a day or two.

The system is very portable so you can carry it anywhere with you. If you are going on a trip or vacation for a few days, you can always carry it and bring back with you as it is very lightweight. The build quality of the system is a lot better than most of the wired system. Moreover, the system is completely waterproof. The indicator light here works nicely. It helps you to know that the collar is working in perfect condition. You will also know that if the battery of the collar needs to be changed or not. You will also know the correction level of the collar with the help of the indicator lights too. There are five correction levels which you can adjust as per your choice.


Many people who have a dog as a pet worry about the poor animal and always think about it. If you are one of them and think that your dog can be uncontrollable at times and you have to put a lot of effort into handling it. The product will certainly help you to control your dog as well as train it. The system is completely wireless so you don’t have to care about any wire lying on your lawn. It makes the dog aware of its boundaries by giving the animal a mild shock and also with the beep sound when it goes near the boundary.

Not only that but if you are a multiple dog holder, the product will be highly helpful for you. If you are planning to get another dog you can buy this product too as the transmitter in the system not only handles one but many dogs at once. It will cover a big area of 500 meters and will give the beep sound to the dog once it is going to cross the area. The system will work best in expansive lawns. But it can vary from place to place. If you are asking for quick results then you need to use the system at least thrice a week so that the dog will be able to know the boundary where he needs to stay and will familiarize with it. For great training, it must learn about the safe zones and also it must know the borders so that it can be safe.

KD Outdoor Wireless Containment System Review

  • Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds5.0
  • You can set up the remote control range from 25M/82ft to 500M/1640.4ft5.0
  • Hard to Setup3.0
  • The system fits from 12lb to 120lb4.0

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KD Outdoor Wireless Containment System Review
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