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Extreme PRO-Grade Complete Boundary Kit – Includes Perimeter Wire, Twisted Wire, Flags, Splices, and Staples

Electric Dog Fence brand 14 gauge for a good deal of hidden fence is the same that is normally used by professional installers. Quality and strength of this wire have been tested and proven to be the best for you. It is also important to ensure you get the best thickness when going for the wire because it also plays a very significant role in determining the durability of the wire.

A dog is not only a pet of at home but it is also a part and parcel of the family. She is more of a friend especially to the children and their daily companion. For that reason, duty and responsibility to ensure she is always safe and secure. Sometimes ensuring our little friend’s security might be a challenge especially if she is the stubborn case who loves being all over. It is of essence to get an effective boundary kit that will assist you in setting borders for your playful companion. Below are a few things you need to know about this underground hidden dog fence system.

Qualities of a good boundary kit 14 gauge for all underground hidden dog fence. Just as the name suggests, this is a set of different things. Some main things that should be included in the kit are Twisted Wire, Splices, Perimeter Wire, Flags, and Staples.

At the same time, the perimeter wire and the twisted wire should both be of high quality and compatible with any dog fence brand in the market.

• The wire should be made of solid copper with a polythene jacket coating, to give you years of dependable performance.
• The wires in the kit need to be RoHS compliant, sunlight and oxidation resistant and direct ground burial rated.
• The best-twisted wires should be made of the same quality material just as professional installers and they should also be pocket-friendly.
• The twisted and perimeter wires should be compatible with even the professionally installed underground dog fence systems among many other brands.
• The training flags included in this kit are also of the great essence as they serve as visual boundary aids for your dog. These are mostly used when training the dog and once she is able to master all the set boundaries of the pet containment system, they can be removed and stored for future use.
• Advantages of the Pack of staples for installing above-ground pet fence.
–• The staples are a great substitute of burying containment system wire. It is naturally fully hidden in less than 14 days.
–• The staples are perfect for use in the landscape, grassy, or wooded areas.
–• Excellent for all brands of wired pet containment systems giving you an easy, quick install above the ground-no need of digging!
• Professional grade wire splices should be specifically designed for use in underground systems and able to provide years of trouble-free service.


Extreme PRO-Grade Complete Boundary Kit• Kit Includes Pro-Grade Twisted Wire, a few Pro-Grade Wire Splices, eXtreme model 14-Gauge Perimeter Wire, several Electric Dog Fence Flags, and several Ground Wire Staples.
• Compatible with all brands, including Invisible Fence Brand, Dogwatch, Innotek, PetSafe and Sportdog Extreme Dog Fence®
• Direct Ground Burial Rated and Sunlight resistant
Qualities of a good Wire Gauge for your Electronic Dog Fences!
• 14 Gauge Dog Fence Wire vs. 16 Gauge Wire vs. 18 Gauge Wire vs. 20 Gauge Wire (thick vs. thin)

There are different wire gauges for installation of electronic dog fences.

The most common are 14 gauge wires, 16 gauge wires, 18 gauge wires and 20 gauge dog fence wires (the difference referrers to the thickness and thinness of the wire). Most Do It Yourself (DIY) Dog Fence Systems use a roll of 20 gauge wires. But, most systems that are professionally installed use 14 gauge wire which is thicker. Why the difference?
Fewer Wire Breaks

Fewer Wire Breaks

A thick wire automatically means fewer wire breaks and more resilient product which is also long-lasting. For example, a 14 gauge wire which is the thickest wire is approximately 6 times stronger than the ordinary 20 gauge wire. The jacket of the thicker wire is also thicker compared to the rest. This makes it resistant to all but with the strongest impacts.

Twisted Wire Dog FenceWhen professionals install the dog fence for you, they use an industrial trencher which is very strong and tough on the wire. For that reason, it makes it easier for them to use the thicker gauge of wire. At the same time, they are forced to use the 14 gauge, since the industrial trencher will easily break the thin wire.

There are however disadvantages of using the thicker wire which include:
• Working with thicker wire is a challenge especially if you don’t have the industrial trencher to help you in bending the wire. Working with thinner wire is not only easy, but it is also flexible.
• The thicker the wire, the more expensive it is. The thicker wire has a thicker jacket and uses 4 times more copper making it more costly to make and transport.

Similar Transmission

Most of the dog fence models available in the market will work with any, a gauge of wire. However, it is more advantageous to use the thick wire since it has lower resistance and at the same time, the signal gets around much easier than in a thin wire.
It is actually possible to get a wider range with the thick wire compared to the thin one. For example, if your yard is slightly larger than the given capacity of the transmitter, a thick wire might make it possible for the transmitter to cover the remaining part when compared to using a thin wire.

Twisted Wire

Twisted wire is needed for running between the boundary and the transmitter box. You can also use it on any other area where the wire doesn’t need to trigger the receiver collar. The radio wave automatically cancels each other once you twist the wires together. The dog will, therefore, be free to walk on the ground with the twisted wires without any correction.

The easiest way of getting twisted wire is buying it. You can also decide to make your own twisted wire. This might, however, be a challenge without the right information and technique of how to go about. It might also take much of your time which can be tiresome and engaging.
Extreme PRO-Grade Complete Boundary Kit

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Extreme PRO-Grade Complete Boundary Kit - Includes Perimeter Wire, Twisted Wire, Flags, Splices, and Staples
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