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Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation 2019

The extreme Dog Fence structure is the top D.I.Y. static modification pet containment system best suited for dog owners with more than twenty acres of coverage needs. The package includes the basic components you need to train your dog, setting up your inground dog fence, and ensure your dog’s safety when in the containment of the perimeter you set.

Notable features

Improved: The 1st generation dog fence covered up to a maximum of 10 acres but with the new generation, you are successfully able to cover up to 25 acres. This system also has updated electronics whose design makes them compatible with the new collar options.

Waterproof and Submersible

Although many other underground dog fence structures claim to be “water resistant” extreme second generation is a step ahead. This dog fence system is nor only “water resistant but it can as well be submerged in water up to 100 inches deep. Your dog will be free to swim with the collar on without any reason to worry.

Standard Fence Kit Includes: Digital Transmitter, High Tensile Boundary Wire (20 Gauge) with Heavy Protective Jacket, Training Flags, Collar Receiver(s) w/ Battery, and Splice Kits

Guarantee: When it comes to functionality, performance and reliability of this dog fence system, there is no doubt of the quality provided. The product comes with a warranty of 2 years for the wires and one year for the electronics. This system was manufactured with quality in mind and it assures you of nothing less than that.
Made in U.S.A.: The fact that this system is made in the USA is enough reason of trusting its quality. This product assures you of 24hrs top level assistance and support for you and your little friend.

Special features not available on other models of “Do It Yourself” underground Dog Fence Systems

The transmitter is full of top features. The dog fence can be used on a field of any size starting from a small fraction up to 25 acres. At the same time, it gives you the option of changing the radio frequency your system functions on. This feature comes in handy when your radio frequency keeps interfering with your neighbor’s electric dog fence frequency.

eXtreme Dog Fence comes with a gauge boundary wire included in the packaging (the wire is solid copper wire).The wire is coated with a thicker jacket compared to mane 20 gauge fence wires. This assures you of years and years of service without disappointment provided you have fitted it accordingly.

For this 20 gauge wire to serve you best for the longest time possible, it is advised to bury it 1 to 3 inches deep for its safety. If you want to add the length of the wire, you can do this using two lengths of the boundary wire and add as much length as it suits you. However, it is important to understand that, for it to work effectively, you need to put not more than 12 twists per foot.

When putting the twists, you lose almost a 1/3 of the wire length, put this consideration in mond when cutting the wire. If you cut it too short, you will not get your intended length.

This dog fence system is manufactured with your dog’s safety and well being in mind. It is the most up to date and versatile model available.

Your fence’s warning or correction zones are not affected by climate changes. It remains stable in both hot and cold weather and in the presence of water as well.

It prompts you when your collar batteries need to be changed. This ensures your pet remains safe at all times.
No interference with your neighbors electric dog fence systems.

Another outstanding feature of the extreme dog fence second generation is the fact that, it gives the user the power of dictating the buffer between your boundary wire and your dog. You can simply do this by choosing the right boundary zone to keep from between a few inches to a maximum of 32 feet diameter depending on your personal preferences and special constraints.

Although warning and correction zones of most dog fence systems’ may be altered by colder temperatures or in places with spotty power, the extreme dog fence transmitter has fitted electronics that will keep your boundary stable by compensating for such situations.

A wireless dog fence system takes less time and effort to install its signal is less reliable compared to a wired electric dog fence system. A wired underground fence gives you the most dependable solution. At the same time, with wired underground fence, you choose where to place the borders.

The collar receivers of the second generation dog fence are among lightest and the smallest available. The receiver is less than 1.1oz. and has a profile that is small enough to comfortably fit on a dog of less than 10 pounds. It is not only submersible to 100 feet but also waterproof.

Each collar is fitted with contact points of two different sizes. One size is able to comfortably accommodate a dog with short neck hair while the other one accommodates one with long neck hair. The contacts are exceptional in that they have comfort covers that protect the dog from irritation caused by prolonged use.

Difference between a wireless and a wired underground dog fence

When shopping for dog fence for the first time, it might be a challenge to make a perfect choice between a wired and wireless dog fences. Although both of them have advantages above the other, a wired fence would be the best especially on a big piece of land.

If you have a larger farm than one acre, you can buy extra dog fence wire and the transmitter will serve up to 25 acres. This transmitter at the same time allows you to have as many dogs as you can and every dog’s collar’s correction strength is programmed individually. You are provided with more than 8 levels of programs to choose from depending on each dog’s need.

Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation 2019 Standard Grade

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