The Five Best and Most Successful Dog Collars in 2019

Are you a dog lover? Have you been wanting to get your furry friend a new dog collar, but want one that is not typical or basic? How about a dog collar that tells you about everything that is going on with your dog? Then, trying out a Smart Dog Collar may be for you. If you are in need of a dog collar that will tell you the changes which are happening in your furry friend’s body or even if they are sleeping different, then you may want to invest in a more advanced dog collar that will give you all of that information and more. Smart dog collars are a growing trend for those who are wanting to know more about the health of their furry best friend. It is time to change from the same basic collar that is only limited to a few things and enjoy what technology has to offer with these uniquely a crafted dog collar. After getting one of these high tech dog collars, you will not regret the decision to provide a way to make sure your pet is healthy. So don’t just give your dog the same kind of dog collar you have always given them. Give them a collar that displays how much you love them with Smart collars, which will tell you about their health and play time. You can pick out a dog collar that speaks to you about the health of your pet as soon as today with the different collars to choose from on our list of five of the best smart dog collars.

1. Waggit: Wearable High Tech for Man’s Best Friend

Waggit: Wearable High Tech for Man’s Best Friend
Waggit is not your ordinary dog collar. You will find that using this smart collar will bring you and your friend even closer as it monitors everything from how much water your pet drinks to how often your pet sleeps on a particular side of their body. The rest your dog receives will be monitored if there is restlessness or aggravation. Waggit is also a collar for you and your fur baby because it not only lets you know the heart respiration, but also the heart rate of your pet throughout the day. With Waggit, you will find that if your fur baby ever gets lost, you will be able to find it. There is even a way to set up perimeters for your dog to keep them nearby in the smart collar. However, if your pet happens to wander outside of the perimeters you have set up in the collar, Waggit will let you know it. The dog training feature in this collar will make you fall in love with this collar as well as your pet all over again. You will have real peace of mind with Waggit and will never have to worry about if a Vet visit will be necessary. Waggit will help you save money along with giving you nutrition information. This Smart collar will be your new best friend when taking care of your fur baby. You will also be able to choose between different sizes and colors with Waggit. Having a collar has never been more helpful. Waggit is just what you need to bring more peace to your life when it comes to the health of your pet. Your mind will also be able to rest with knowing that your dog’s life will be extended because of the unique health features in Waggit. If you are wanting to know more about this collar and how to get it for your fur baby, then visit

2. Scollar Mini – Expandable Smart Collar for Small Dogs and Cats

Scollar Mini
Do you want a way to keep your rambunctious cat or dog under control? Are you tired of losing collars or only finding the collar with your fur baby being nowhere around? Then, Scollar Mini a new high tech collar, will help you with all of your pet needs. With Scollar Mini, you will benefit from the built in functionalities for training your pet, the GPS tracker, and a time reminder for pet feeding as well as when to give your fur baby their medication. You will also be given reminders of when it is time for their flea and tick shots. The touch screen on the collar, will allow you to communicate with your pet and meet their needs. If you lose Scollar Mini, you will easily be able to find it by the app connected to your mobile phone, leaving you with a peace of mind. You will be able to save money with the fee free GPS tracking built into this Smart collar. If you are wanting to keep your pet in the yard, but need a perimeter to keep them there, then the imaginary fence or perimeter boundary function in Scollar Mini will help with keeping your fur baby in the area you have set up for them. The perimeter barriers also works well for your home. These barriers will let you know when your pet is in a place in your home that is off limits. Along with the perimeter barrier function, you will find much satisfaction with the anti bark feature in this unique collar. This collar is made for your small dog or cat with their own unique functions to go with them. You will not have to worry about losing your pet and Scollar Mini will help you be the perfect pet parent you have always dreamed of being. The open platform for this device makes it that much easier for you to make changes as needed for growth or change in your pet. You and your fur baby will find a new love in this high tech collar. So, are you curious about how to make this collar part of your daily life with your fur baby? If so, then make your way over to

3. Jagger & Lewis: The Smartest Dog Tracker

Jagger & Lewis
If you are looking for a collar device that is easy to connect and use? Then the Jagger & Lewis Dog Tracker is for you. With Jagger & Lewis, all you would have to do is connect the device to the collar of your pet and answer a few questions to get your pet connected to the Jagger & Lewis system. Unlike other collar devices, you will find that your favorite collar will not have to be changed to another collar to fit your pet parent needs. Any collar that you have taken the time to get for your pet, will go perfectly with this device. The Jagger & Lewis Dog Tracker is also good for keeping track of when your dog is sleeping, eating, playing, and drinking. If you are worried about your dog overheating in the summer heat or being too cold during the bitter winters, then you can keep track of their temperature, with the built in temperature tracker. You can also know when your dog is happy through this unique device and the measuring of the happiness indicator. Any data collected off of this Smart device is sent to the wifi servers of the developers of this device through bluetooth. After the data is sent in, your pet’s usual behavior will be compared to the information in the database for your breed of dog. You will even get to know what your dog is doing and how they are doing, whether you are at work or on vacation. So, your mind will be at ease and worry free when you are not around your fur baby. Known as the first dog device designed to monitor and improve the welfare of your dog, Jagger & Lewis will not leave you disappointed. A high tech device made by dog lovers for dog lovers, you will find all of your needs on the Jagger & Lewis Dog Tracker device. You will even be able to save money on collars, because all you would have to do is hook the Jagger & Lewis Smart Dog Tracker to any collar your dog wears. This quality of this device alone is very convenient and easy to use. So if you are interested in making your life easier with this Smart tracker, then visit

4. MAGDOG: Magnet Activated Dog Collar, Harness, and Leash System

MAGDOG: Magnet Activated Dog Collar, Harness, and Leash System
Are you looking for a collar that will keep you connected to your dog in every way? Do you need something that is easily accessible for your dog that does not require struggle or becoming out of breath? Well, then MAGDOG is the collar device for you. Named after what it does, this Magnet Activated device will connect your dog’s collar easily by connecting the magnet on his collar and on the leash. This leash is made for dogs up to 300 pounds and when you are ready to let your dog off of the leash, you will be able to do it easily. Made of Argos, you will not have to worry about the collar if it gets wet, because it is waterproof. If you are wanting to take your fur baby out at night, you will be able to embrace the reflective feature on MAGDOG. Your dog will find comfort with the MAGDOG harness, which is made of Neoprene. You can also find yourself at ease when transporting your pet in the car with the anti distraction tether, which will keep your dog in place and keep you focused on the road. Once you arrive to your next adventure, if you are wanting to keep your dog on a leash, the MAGDOG leash system is a great way to keep your pet nearby. This leash made of bungee, also has a short leash comfort handle, in case you want to get a more firm grip on your dog and bring them closer. If you need to free your hands while walking your dog on the MAGDOG leash, you will be able to use the built in gear loops. You will be glad to find a built in identification system in the collar and the harness as well, in case you were to ever lose your dog. The web address can be used for this unique I.D. when identifying your dog and who it belongs to. After your lost dog is reported, the MAGDOG system will handle the rest when retrieving your dog. So if you are looking for a new way to connect to your pet, try the MAGDOG system. There are four different colors to choose from and it comes with a lifetime warranty, which means that you will not be disappointed. If you are wanting to finally have the connection you have been waiting for with your fur baby, then visit

5. HALO MINI – Illuminated Pet Collars

HALO MINI - Illuminated Pet Collars
Are you looking for the best way to keep your dog safe and colorful? Then, HALO MINI, is the collar for you. Whether you are using it when walking your dog at night or using it inside your home, HALO MINI, will illuminate to you and others when walking in the dark. Illuminating in three different colors, this collar is made with ultra high quality. This unique collar also comes in two different sizes, small and large. You will find peace of mind with HALO MINI and the batteries, which lasts up to 75 hours. Once it is time to charge the batteries, it will take two hours before putting this uniquely different collar back on your fur baby. With HALO MINI, you and your best friend will become closer than ever. Bring peace of mind to you and your family with this illuminated collar that will keep both you and your pet safe. Your nighttime adventures will be illuminated with your best friend wearing their collar proudly. So if you are interested in keeping your pet safe and in the coolest nighttime collar around, then try HALO MINI. For your cool nighttime collar, go to


Whether you are wanting a new collar for knowing your pet’s heart rate or wanting to know their day to day routine, these collars are here to help put you and your fur baby at ease. You will never again have to worry about your pet being out of your view or in an area they are not supposed to be in with one of these Smart collars. Put down the basic collars and leashes that only limits what you and your pets can do and pick up one of these high tech leashes that will continue to prepare you for each adventure you journey through. Don’t continue to wonder if the reason your pet is drinking too much water is because they are dehydrated or if there is a reason why they are only sleeping on one side of their body. Embrace these high tech collars and let them do all of the wondering for you. Stop worrying about if going to a vet is necessary for your pet if they are not playing the way they used to or if there is a serious problem with their appetite if they don’t eat as much as they usually do. These collars will alert you of changes and even of how much playtime your fur baby has had that day. Are you wanting more playtime with your dog? Then, don’t settle for the typical leash that will only bind and limit you to certain adventures. Take a leash that will free you from any restraints and keep your pet well behaved during your trips while being out. Do you have a worry or fear that your pet will get lost while you are not watching them? Well, keep your pets near you at all times with the perimeter based collars. You can also put your mind at rest with the app alerts or GPS tracking system or the special identification alert on these unique collars. If you are just wanting a to take a nighttime walk for your special adventure, then that time can be created with the safe and easily illuminated collars that binds you and your special friend together. Put behind the stress of trying to find the perfect collar and pick one of the Smart collars that will only keep you at peace. If you are worried about having a rambunctious dog when going on a road trip, use one of these special collars to keep them calm. Leave behind the days of wondering when or if you tick and flea collars will work and get a Smart collar that will keep you updated on the your pet’s flea and tick shots. Take charge of being the perfect parent today and embrace this kind of technology that both you and your fur baby will love. Embrace your new collar and start your adventure today.

The Five Best and Most Successful Dog Collars in 2019
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The Five Best and Most Successful Dog Collars in 2019
Smart dog collars are a growing trend for those who are wanting to know more about the health of their furry best friend.
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