The 10 Most Popular Dog Accounts on Instagram

Commonly known as the man’s best friend, dogs are smart, lovely creatures that make man’s life fascinating. Most of them own our hearts and attention more than human beings. Their loyalty is unquestionable; their allegiance to their masters is amazing. Some of them go to the extra mile to defend their master with their lives. Truly a dog is man’s best friend. Today, things have changed due to the embrace of technology by many people all over the world. Even in the third world countries, more than half of the populations have embraced technology.

This has seen the rise of famous people through their online activities in social media platforms. Today we have many bloggers who have found their niche in travel, fashion, fitness and so on. The pet influencers have also not been left behind.

Today we have dogs in Instagram who commands a huge following most people in the world can’t. Ever thought of a dog commanding a huge following in Instagram than humans? The truth of the matter is, today we have famous dogs in the world who commands a huge following in Instagram than most of us.

These popular Instagram dogs are difficult to be ignored. Their appearances are all over in best-selling books in New York as well as appear on calendars. Some even make special appearances in movie scenes. No matter the intentions, these dogs leave their followers’ hearts melt with their cute looking pictures or funny videos.

Below are 10 most cutes dogs that command a huge following in instagram.

1. @Jiffpom – Over 8,4 millions followers

@Jiffpom- Over 8 millions followers
Jiffpom – Pomeranian dog

It was on February 26th, 2010 when a normal Pomeranian dog was born in the State on Illinois. In the year 2013, he moved to the state of Los Angeles where he found a home up to date. The dog was later given the name Jiffpom. Today Jiffpom is an Instagram sensation with a following of 8.4 million. His cutes photos will keep you glued to his Instagram account.

He was growing up just like a normal dog until 2014 when he was involved in two running competitions, 10m hind legs run and 5m fronts paws run. In both competitions, he won easily setting two Guinness world records. His star started shinning from that day and it has never faded. In the same year, he made a special appearance in Katy Pery music video “Dark Horse”. The music has been viewed on YouTube for over 2 billion times. In the following year, he was given the title of the most popular dog.

The dog is also an animal actor and has appeared in several movies including, A Night in Cowtown and Adventures of Bailey. In 2016, he also made an appearance in a Disney series Bzaardvark. Thousands of people have gone ahead to take pictures with him as seen on his account. His fans include celebrities like Christians Collins, Zach Clayton, and Kristen Hancher among many others. A multi talented dog, Jiff popularity continues to grow going with new instagram followers each day. As an actor and a model, Jiffpom is the most famous animal on Instagram.

2. @Itsdougthepug – Over 3,3 millions followers

@Itsdougthepug - Over 3,3 millions followers
@Itsdougthepug – Doug The Pug King Of Pop Culture

Doug The Pug currently has 3.3 million followers on Instagram. Perhaps we can say he is one of the well-known pugs in the world. Born on 20th May 2011 in the State of Ohio, he moved to Nashville Tennessee in 2012 as a puppy when his owner Leslie Mosier bought him. Today, he is a celebrity dog being the most followed pug on Instagram in the entire world.

After Doug started gaining social media popularity, he started attracting big companies. This saw several companies writing features on Doug starting with Mashable. After Mashable, Time, Cosmopolitan and BuzzFeed followed with features on Doug. On Instagram, he has over one thousand Instagram cues photos that are easy to attract attention from anyone. These photos have appeared on calendars and shows in America. Good morning America is one of the shows his pictures have appeared.

Just like Jiffpom, Doug has also made special appearances in music videos most recently being Irresistible done by Fall Out Boys featuring Demi Lovato. In 2016, he made an appearance at with Dustin Lynch at Country Music Award Show. Among his celebrity fans is Cassadee Pope, Dustin Lynch, LoCash among many others.

Together with Leslie Mosier, they are best sellers for the New York Times for their book “Doug The Pug”. This saw Doug embarking on an international book tour to market his book. With all these merchandises under his, it’s true he’s just not a normal dog as by 2017, he was worth half a billion dollars. Doug has gone to win several dog’s awards among them the Instagrammer of the year 2017. In 2016, he had won multiple awards one of them being the best-dressed dog of the year.

3. @Marutaro – Over 2,6 millions followers

Marutaro - Shinjiro Ono
@Marutaro – Shinjiro Ono

Dogs have found a way of lifting our souls even when we feel at the lowest point in life. In 2011, a tsunami earthquake hit several countries in the world, one of them being Japan. Shinjiro Ono looked for a way to cheer up people in his country and what other better way other than using his dog Marutaro? He opened an Instagram account to cheer up his countrymen who were recovering from tsunami devastations.

Today Maru as commonly known has a following of 2.6 million in Instagram. He is a Shiba-Inu breed which is a respected breed in Japan. His story with its owner Shinjiro started in one Christmas Eve when Shinjiro bought him from a pet’s store in Japan. It’s like their fate was coined together as he was the only dog left in the store. Since then the pair’s journey has been one full of sweet love stories.

Though Maru hails from Tokyo, he has become a global brand featuring in many photo books. He has also appeared in calendars one of them being the recent 2018 calendar. On Instagram, he has over 7000 photos and short clips of him and his fans. Truly, Maru is a lovely dog.

4. @Marniethedog – Over 2,1 millions followers

@Marniethedog - Over 2,1 millions followers
@Marniethedog – The Dog 16 year old Shih Tzu adopted from a shelter at age 11

Marnie is a 16 years old dog owned by Shirley Braha. Before adoption, she used to be a street dog in Connecticut. Animal control found her and moved her to an animal shelter where she was adopted from. Street life for her was hard going by the many health problems she had at the time. Luckily she recovered from her ill health except for her hearing problem. Months later she was adopted by Shirley who named her Marnie after her favorite musician Marnie Stern. She is best known for her signature tongue and her big eyes.

Her journey to celebrity status started in the year 2014 when Shirley opened her Instagram account and started posting her cute pictures. People started liking her pictures in masses with hundreds of new followers each day. Today, Marnie’s Instagram account boasts of 2.1 million followers. Her owner was amazed by the love shown to Marnie, something she never imagined or saw it coming.

Her fan base consists of celebrities who make appearances with her on their shows. Some even call her owner to make early bookings. During these shows, her fan can buy her merchandise which is always on sale. In 2016, Marnie was featured by AVVO on one of their TV commercials and several adverts. Her book Marnie the Dog is in bookstores written to inspire people to adopt elderly pets.

She has defied the odds to survive to her 17th birthday and still going strong. Who would have thought of that? Even Shirley knew she would not live for a long time but she has gone ahead to prove everyone wrong. Though happily retired, she still inspires many with her fighting spirit. Marnie Stern is a famous music celebrity and so is Marnie the dog. They are both celebrities in their own ways!

5. @Tunameltsmyheart – Over 1,9 millions followers

@Tunameltsmyheart - Over 1,9 millions followers
@Tunameltsmyheart – Chiweenie Dog

Tuna is an adorable Chihuahua Dachshund crossbreed dog that lives with its owner in the State of Los Angeles. His original owner abandoned him on a roadside in San Diego California. He was so traumatized when he was found reading him to develop a habit of crawling using his belly. This led to his rescuer naming him wormy.

In 2010, Courtney Dasher met wormy at a rescue event and was fascinated by him. This made moved her to make the decision of adopting him. She later changed his name to “Mr. Burns”. Courtney never intended to adopt the dog at first but within a week of being together, she decided to. His name was later to change to “Tooney” and eventually, he became “Tuna”. From there, his journey to stardom started and his star has never faded.

In 2011, his owner made a decision to start posting his pictures on Instagram which quickly brought Tuna to stardom. People like them so much that hundreds started liking his paged, something Courtney never expected. Today, Tuna has a following of 1.9 million on Instagram. His account has over 2000 pictures and clips of him doing his things or with his fans. His celebrity status has seen him travel on an American tour to raise animal rescue awareness.

His popularity has seen him invited to various events and several TV programs. In 2014, a publisher approached Courtney to produce a book about Tuna. “Tuna Melts My Heart” was later released in the US in early 2015 and a book tour and events to raised funds to benefit animal rescue societies were held in the US. Later it was released in the UK the same year as Tuna has so many fans in European countries. His story has been that of from grass to grace, from rags to riches.

6. @Loki – Over 1,7 millions followers

@Loki - Over 1,7 millions followers
@Loki – the Wolfdog

Loki and Kelly Lund’s story started in the year 2012 when the two met. Kelly, a dog lover decided to try a new challenge with a different breed of dog from the ones he’s used to. In Utah, there was a small family breeder who happened to have exactly what Kelly was looking for. The few months old dog has now turned out to be a darling for many pet enthusiasts on social media. They both live together outside of Denver Colorado.

All these dogs tend to appeal to a certain niche of a crowd and for Loki, it’s no different. His crowd consists of outdoor animal lovers who love outdoor adventures. With Kelly being a photographer and an outdoor enthusiast, everywhere he went, he took his dog Loki with him. He took Loki’s pictures and posted them on Instagram where many people started liking them. This saw his Instagram following growing from hundreds to thousands and later to 1.7 million followers.

This led to companies looking for Loki’s partnership and endorsements. Food brands could offer free food supply for Loki just for the occasional post. Soon many companies like Grounds& Hounds Coffee Co. wanted in.

Later on Mercedes came with a lucrative offer and both of them became a brand. Major international brands like Chaco Footwear, Toyota and L.L. Bean among others have all partnered with the two. Recently at the age of 30, Lund decided to quit his job and become a full-time manager to Loki. Loki is an international brand today that everyone wants to be associated with today.

7. @Harlowandsage – Over 1,6 millions followers

Harlow and Sage
@Harlowandsage – Harlow and Sage, Indiana & Reese

Early 2013, two dogs took the internet by storm. These two dogs were Harlow and Sage who was owned by Brittni Vega. The two used to do everything together, sleep together, eat and even watch TV together. The duo was inseparable. Unfortunately, in late 2013, at the age of 13, sage died due to old age. The grief could be seen all over the face of Harlow mourning the death of a dear friend. For Brittni Vega, it wasn’t easy seeing her pet in grief and started to look for Harlow’s new partner.

A tinny pulp by the name Indiana the Dachshund or Indy was later introduced to the now one dog group. The two developed a chemistry that grew a strong inseparable friendship. They could be seen cuddling and playing together and even dressed in funny costumes. Without a doubt, though Harlow hasn’t forgotten sage, Indy had helped him to heal. A new dog was later added to the mix and today we have a group of 3 inseparable dogs who have taken Instagram by storm.

Their Instagram account has 1.6 million followers who keep track of their daily activities. They have more than a thousand pictures on their account that keeps pet enthusiasts glued to their account for more. Grittni Vega with her love for dogs has gone to write a book about these dogs which is doing very well in the market. The book which was published in 2015 went ahead to become New York Times bestseller. Many brands have looked for endorsement from the Harlowandsage knowing their endorsement, guarantees better returns.

8. @Thiswildidea – Over 1,2 millions followers

@thiswildidea - Theron Humphrey and his dog Maddie
@thiswildidea – Maddie and Theron Humphrey

In this world, there is no shortage of legendary duos like the Matt and Jeff (The Hardy Brothers) in wrestling. They come, conquer the world together, and live to be remembered. Theron Humphrey and his friend Maddie is one duo that has conquered and continue to conquer through their unbelievable friendship. Together they have traveled all over the U.S.A taking photos and meeting new friends. Theron can shoot one of the best pictures in the world and Maddie can really pose for a camera.

Maddie is an adorable coonhound owned by Theron Humprey who happens to be the star in This Wild Idea Instagram account. Before they met, Maddie was living in a rescue shelter in Georgia where Theron found her. Their journey to fame started one day when they were traveling and Theron decided to snap a picture of Maddie on top of his truck. This is where he discovered the dog had an unbelievable sense of balance. The picture was unbelievably beautiful that he went on snapping her on top of everything. The Maddie’s adventures on top of everything later became a book that has done so well I the world market.

Today Maddie has partnered with Goose Island, Discover Boating and many more. Current the Dog has inspired his owner to work on a documentary on “why we rescue”. He believes in adopting the rescued animals instead of going to a pet store or a breeder. Today, @thiswildidea has 1.2 million followers and more than 3000 photos and short clips. Their story is one that confirms the dog is really man’s best friend. We can only expect more from this powerful duo.

9. @Manny_the_Frenchie – Over 1,1 millions followers

@Manny_the_Frenchie - Manny The Frenchie World’s Most Followed Bulldog and philanthro-PUP!
@Manny_the_Frenchie – French bulldog from Chicago

Manny is a French bulldog from Chicago owned by Jon Huang and Amber Chavez. Born on February 7th, 2011, he has become an Instagram celebrity through his cute posted pictures on Instagram. He is currently the most famous bulldog on Instagram. His owners decided to name him after Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino boxer. From his looks, he truly looks like a boxer.

His popularity has seen his handler Amber Chavez take a full-time job as his manager. Among his celebrity friends is Martha Stewart who has used Manny as her canine model in her PetSmart Line. He has also made a special appearance in Steve Harvey’s show. Among his celebrity friends are Jason Aldean and Snoop Dogg.

In 2017, his owners started nonprofit fundraising to help raise funds for ASPCA and other causes. Today, thousands of dollars have been raised through “Manny & Friends” platform. His charitable work didn’t start there as he helped raise funds for relief efforts to hurricane victims. His studio appearances saw thousands of dollars raised towards this good cause. Today, his fame is bigger than his statue and his fan base grows each day. His fame is similar to his namesake.

His Instagram account has a following of 1.1 million people who according to Huang starts asking questions about his whereabouts. It’s not easy for his handlers to walk with him without peoples asking for pictures with him. In 2016, Manny got an award as the most influential and popular dog in CW’S World Dogs Awards. Six years down the line and Manny’s popularity continues to grow.

10. @Lokistagram – Over 703 thousands followers

@Lokistagram - Loki, Bear, & Momo
@Lokistagram – Loki was a dog from Vancouver

Loki was a dog from Vancouver who was a star attraction on Instagram account @lokistagram. His owners were Tm and Vim both from Vancouver. Unfortunately, in the year 2016, he developed kidney complications and died. Before Loki died, he had attracted a following of around 715 thousand. Though Loki is dead, his fame didn’t die with him as even to this day, he is still celebrated on his Instagram account.

After his death in 2016, Viv and Tim adopted another dog who they named Bear. Before death, his Instagram fans had raised 34,000 dollars towards his treatment. Their online following has led them to many brand partnership and a calendar on their name. Today, Viv and Tim as animal ambassadors have rescued so many abandoned dogs who they regularly post their progress on the @lokistagram account. Though dead, Loki’s legacy will live on.

It’s no wonder the 10 Instagram sensations have made an impact on millions of people’ life in one way or another. With their innocence, they have brought people from all corners of the world together. They have raised millions of dollars for people in need. This is a true testament to the powerful friendship between man and dog.

Most of these pets were adopted by their owners some at their worst states, a good example is Marnie. After some years, their fortunes have turned around to get worldwide recognition. Let’s show them love and care because they are always there when we need them. They will always have your back and defend you vehemently. Whether you are the one on the wrong or not, their loyalty will always be to you. Adopt one if you can, and together embark on a journey to make this world a better place.

The 10 Most Popular Dog Accounts on Instagram Infographic
The 10 Most Popular Dog Accounts on Instagram Infographic
The 10 Most Popular Dog Accounts on Instagram
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The 10 Most Popular Dog Accounts on Instagram
These popular Instagram dogs are difficult to be ignored. Their appearances are all over in best-selling books in New York as well as appear on calendars.
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