The Best Wireless Fences For Dogs – Buyer’s Guide and Review 2018

In this guide we have researched, and outlined, all the nitty gritty details so you don’t have to spend hours searching through endless options from inferior brands. We have included reviews on the five best selling wireless containment systems for pets of 2018. Continue on with The Best Wireless Fences For Dogs Guide And Review 2018 to ensure you are able to make the most informed purchase decision possible.

Introduction To Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to owning pets, dogs are one of the most rewarding. The unconditional love, affection, and loyalty they share with their “people” is second to none. As a pet owner it is just as important to be responsible for your animal’s health, safety, and security, as it is to be loving and nurturing with them.

Wireless Dog Fence

Looking out for your dog’s best interest doesn’t solely revolve around a comfortable dog bed to sleep in and an ever full bowl of kibbles n bits however. It also entails of a stable environment where your four legged friend will always be safe and sound.

If you live in a populated area, like 90% of people on planet Earth, you run the risk of your dog wandering away from home and getting lost. There is also the occasion where your pet may be attacked by other animals, whether domestic or wild, if they have made it off of the property without your supervision. Installing a wireless fence for dogs is one of the best solutions possible to prevent any such unfortunate, but frequently occurring events, from ever happening.

The good news is that there are several great options for you to choose from. When it comes to picking a wireless fence for dogs to add to your property for your fur babies protection. Finding the right choice for selection is a very important decision.

ModelImageMain FutureCoverage AreaOur Rating
PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment SystemPetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System5 LEVELS OF CORRECTION - plus tone-only mode for training. Train your pet in 2 weeks when used as directed, Also works with Stay+Play Wireless Fence and Stay + Play Wireless Fence receiver collar Up To 1/2 Acre9.9/10
Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog FenceSit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog FenceComes standard with industrial grade 500 foot of SOLID COPPER CORE WIRE & a transmitter than can handle up to 20 acres of land - its ready to handle all conditions20 Acre Range9.6/10
PetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) with 2 Extra Battery PacksPetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) with 2 Extra Battery PacksYour pet wears a lightweight receiver collar that listens" for the signal. While the collar is receiving the signal your dog is free to run and play in your yard. When he approaches the boundary of the signal area he receives a warning beep.Up To 1/2 Acre9.2/10
Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence, Outdoor Pet Fence w/Radio & In-Ground Cord Electric Wifi Transmitter - Platinum EditionFriendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence, Outdoor Pet Fence w/Radio & In-Ground Cord Electric Wifi Transmitter - Platinum EditionUNLIMITED RANGE & LARGER COVERAGE AREA - Our system allows unlimited coverage. Included is enough cord for approximately 1/3 of an acre, and expandable up to 5 acres with 4000 feet of cord. Up To 5 Acres 9.0/10
PetSafe Wireless FencePetSafe Wireless FenceADD AN UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF PETS - with the purchase of additional compatible PetSafe Wireless Receiver Collars you can safely contain as many pets as you need. Designed for pets 5 pounds and more with neck sizes 6 to 28 inches. Up To 3/4 Acre9.0/10

Reviews For The Best Wireless Pet Containment Systems Of 2018

1. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

The safety of your dog is one of the most important aspects of being a dog owner. It’s not always an easy thing to do either. The PetSafe wireless pet containment system makes it a real breeze.

The range of coverage is a half an acre. The protected area must be formatted in circular fashion. Maximum range for boundaries is adjustable and has a radius of up to 30 meters.

Add an unlimited amount of pets to the PetSafe wireless containment system with the PetSafe collar. The collar itself can be adjusted in size from as small as 6 inches around to as large as 28 inches around. It is perfect for larger breeds of dogs such as Mastiffs and St. Bernards. The collar itself is also waterproof and safe for use in any weather or climate zone.

Set up of the PetSafe wireless pet containment system is surprisingly simply. It only takes a grand total of about 2 hours to complete full installation. After completion of the easy installation all you have to do is plug in the transmitter box ad your ready to contain your dogs once you place the receiver collars on their necks.

There are five settings for the system, called correction levels, and a built in indicators that warn you when the batteries are getting low. One of the most versatile benefits of the wireless system is that it’s not made just for stationary use. It is also perfectly mobile. Take it with you on camping trips or on vacations to the home’s of your friends and family. Easily re-install it wherever you go.

A training manual comes with the system package. This is a huge benefit to first time dog owners or those who simply want to learn more affective ways to train their pets. The manual is also extremely helpful in familiarizing the owners with their new wireless containment system.

Easy to use
Simple set up and installation
Adjustable wide range of coverage
Highly portable
Easy to understand training material
Trains your pet in as little as three days
Does not work for small dogs
Does not work for sloped properties
Does not have shock warnings
No additional support information available before or after purchase of product

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System, Covers up to 1/2 Acre, for Dogs over 8 lb., Waterproof Receiver with Tone / Static Correction

2. Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

One of the first things you should know about Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence is that it is not 100% wireless. However, it will more than serve its purpose and easily wash away the aggravation of an untrained dog who wants to roam out of the yard. This product will help you to set crystal clear boundaries that your pets will almost instantly understand.

Safe and harmless vibrations and micro shocks from this products training collars will help to mark off-limit areas. The comfortably designed collars are built to fit snug and secure around your pets neck. They must be fully charged before being used the first time and then recharged when they are not in use. It is suggested to recharge overnight while your pet is sleeping. The collar is highly adjustable and works well with dogs of every size and breed.

Sit Boo-Boo Hiden Dog Fence is created with only the most cutting edge technology. In-ground cords are utilized to establish an invisible boundary. There are no eyesores like electric posts or above-ground wires. Five settings, or correction levels, are available with this product.

Up-to-date radio wave transmissions effortlessly and faultlessly broadcast the signal to your dog’s training collar. Keeping them safe and secure. A more than impressive adjustable range of coverage of over 5 acres is obtainable with this pet containment system. All you need is extra wire.

The starter package comes with coverage for half an acre, a rechargeable collar, and the transmitter. A training manual and flags are also part of the initial package as well. This gives you everything you need to be able to put the safety of your dog as a priority.

There is no need to worry about faulty equipment or system failure. Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence comes with the option for a lifetime replacement warranty. So, even in the event that something does happen (which is highly unlikely), you are fully prepared and properly covered. Don’t forget to put the training guide and training flags to use hand-in-hand with using the system itself. Your furry friend will never have been happier and will be better behaving in no time at all.

Easy to use
Simple set up and installation
Adjustable wide range of coverage
Easy to understand training material
Lifetime replacement warranty
Safe product design Immediately works
Trains your pet in as little as 1 to 2 weeks
Is not completely wireless
Thin in-ground wire is delicate
Manual is extremely basic

Hidden Dog Fence - Safe & Unseen Pet Containment System - In-Ground or Above Ground Installation - Rechargeable - 955 Feet of Wire w/Quickstart Guide

3. PetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) with 2 Extra Battery Packs

This particular containment system for pets was designed with multiple-pet owners in mind. Do you own more than one dog? If so, this is the wireless system for you. From first time dog owners to dog breeders looking for an easy training solution. The PetSafe PIF-300 has you covered from every angle.

There is no need for three meter tall fences (that can cost thousands of dollars to build) to keep your pooches secure with this safe and smart alternative. Let your dogs roam your property freely within the determined confines of your yard. There is no need for Fido to believe he is in doggy prison.

Simply and easily define your pets boundaries to them. The transmitter plugs in inside your home and seamlessly broadcast its signal out and around your property. As long as your pet is wearing its collar, you will both have peace of mind. The will be able to run free and you will have no worries about a thing.

The range of coverage reaches up to half an acre in a circular but adjustable shape. Have a smaller yard to cover? That’s O.K., the circular coverage can be made smaller. Once your pet begins to wander past the boundaries you have designated with the system a warning sound will make a beeping noise. After that a blast of static correction will be directed at your pet. The static is completely safe and harmless. There is no shock involved. The static correction is designed to correct your pet, not to actually hurt them in any way.

One of the best parts about the PIF-300 training collar is that it’s waterproof. That means it will work in just about any weather conditions, rain or shine. The 6-volt battery holds a long lasting charge and has a long life if properly maintained. Constant recharging should not be necessary. It is advised to regularly check the charge level so that everything continues to function smoothly. Your wireless pet containment center is useless without being properly charged.

Easy to use
Adjustable range of coverage
Works well with a multiple number of dogs
Waterproof and weather resistant receiving collar
Compatible with multiple types of terrain
Easy to train multiple pets
Does not work well with smaller dogs
Results were inconsistent

PetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) with 2 Extra Battery Packs

4. Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence, Outdoor Pet Fence w/Radio & In-Ground Cord Electric Wifi Transmitter – Platinum Edition

This ergonomically designed fence is more than a good option for would-be purchasers to consider. Safe, efficient, and designed with cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology. There are truly few better choices available to dog owners who are concerned for the well being of their beloved pets.

The Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence has a comparative coverage range that encompasses over 10 times the area of competitor brands. Take total control of your wireless dog fence location with this well designed product. You are free to set it up in places familiar to your pet for easier trainability. The extensive coverage range is perfect for larger properties but is also versatile enough to work just as well in smaller spaces too.

The training collars are completely waterproof and work well in any weather condition or climate zone. Five built in settings, correction levels, are available to ensure the best training for your specific breed of dog. The product is built for multiple pets. It is the perfect wireless pet containment system for families that own more than one animal.

A high quality transmitter broadcasts a smooth signal to the in-ground transmitter cord. Providing an unseen fence made from radio waves. No transmitter holes or poles give you a much less hassle than many other brands of wireless dog fences.

Included with the product package is a transmitter, a receiver collar, and enough cord to cover well over a quarter of an acre of your yard. This product is expandable to cover over 5 acres of your extended property with the purchase of extra cordage and extra transmitters. Also works well with multiple types of terrain, unlike many cordless and wireless pet containment systems.

A quick start hand manual and in depth training guide are also part of the initial package as well. Training your dog(s) has never been easier. Setting up pet containment system has never been breezier than with this hassle free product.

Adjustable coverage range that is expandable
Waterproof receiver collar
Works well with multiple types of terrain
Works well with multiple dogs
Comes with in depth easily understandable instructions and training material
Worry free operations
No low battery warning or indicators
Does not always perform consistently
Requires additional purchases for larger yards that need extra coverage

Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence, Outdoor Pet Fence w/ Radio & In-Ground Cord Electric Wifi Transmitter - Platinum Edition

5. PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence

With the Stay & Play Wireless Fence by PetSafe, you can go anywhere with your dog(s). Whether you’re a constantly on the go Father or a more than avid camper. This portable wireless pet containment system is more than just right for you.

Stop worrying if your dog is going to be home when you get there tonight. Stop wondering if they’ve wandered off from the campsite while you are out hiking or collecting firewood. Build the perfect outdoor area for your four legged friend to be happy and secure in. It’s the best of both worlds. Creating safe boundaries for him and peace of mind for you.

The Stay & Play coverage range is over one hundred feet in all four directions. This product comes with an indoor transmitter and overall set up is super simple. Installation takes less than two hours to complete.

This wireless pet containment system is built to work well with multiple pets. Very ideal if you have multiple pets, or hiking buddies who like to bring their pets along on camping trips as well. There is no limit to the amount of dogs, this fence covers them all. Just be sure that your buy some extra collars. The Play & Stay even works well with certain collars made for use wit other systems.

Having multiple pets secured by one containment system has never been easier. The waterproof and weather resistant collars have a 2 to 3 hour charge time and can last for several weeks to several days all depending on which settings are in use the most. The collar comes with 5 main settings, correction levels, for optimal performance with your particular size, breed, and age of dog.

The PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence works well with all dogs as long as they are above the 5 pound minimum weight requirement. It is perfect for medium sized dogs like terriers, but also works well with larger dogs like Shepherds and Retrievers as well.

Easy to use
Simple set up and installation
Adjustable coverage range
Waterproof training collar
Works well with most dogs
Works with multiple number or pets
Does not work with mini or toy sized breeds
Limited design for play area
Unexpected cost may be required for expanding size of coverage area as well as expanding number of pets on the system

 PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence, Covers up to 3/4 Acre, for Dogs and Cats over 5 lb., Waterproof and Rechargeable, with Tone and Static Correction

The Best Wireless Fences For Dogs Guide Continued….

Best Wireless Fences For Dogs Reviews
Owning a pet, especially a dog, can be a very rewarding experience. There are few types of pet in the history of modern humans that we have shared a deeper or truer bond with. From playing catch at the local park to being our favorite late night cuddle buddy on the couch. Dogs are also our favorite go-to pet to feel protected. Especially if we live alone. Dogs make us feel safe.

Having a dog as a pet comes with as much responsibility than it does rewards. Installing a wireless fence for dogs is a perfect way to make sure that your pet stays safe and secure. It also creates a contained area for your pet to enjoy without the need for any real physical borders. Another thing it does is helps us to more easily train our dogs.

Our dogs can be our pride and joy. They can also be a major source of stress if we are not careful. If we aren’t sure that they are safe and secured while we are away from the home, then we aren’t able to be fully focused. This can be a hinderance to us while driving in traffic or even at work on the job.

Installing a wireless dog fence makes life much more simple. Create generous boundaries outdoor for your dog(s) stress free. Train your dogs more easily and faster as well. A wireless fence for dogs isn’t just about convenient confinement. It is also about teaching our dog(s) to obey us better. This training extends in, out, and away from the house as well. Train even the most disobedient pet into a respectable guard dog in no time.

There are many different specifications currently available on the market for wireless pet containment systems. When it comes to wireless fences for dogs, you have nearly never ending options. This is one of the many reasons it is so necessary to do your homework before making a purchase. Whether you have a mini, small, medium, large, or even extra large sized dog, be sure that there is one for you and your specific needs.

Price ranges can and will vary depending upon the quality and function ability of individual wireless fences for dogs. A purchase should never be made on the spot without first considering as many aspects as possible. Always keep a few important factors in mind before making a decision. Consider the most obvious things first. The habits of your dog, especially the bad ones. Do you have children. The location of your home. So on and so forth.

Also keep in mind other key factors. How many pets do you have at home. Do they get along without issue. Are they diggers. Do you actually need a physical barrier for your pet.

For the dog owner, it is practically always a better choice to go with a wireless pet containment system. Not only does it give you peace of mind know your beloved pet will be as safe as if it were locked behind big walls, it allows you also the luxury of knowing that your pet feels free but secure.

Remember to consider number of pets any particular wireless dog fence system works with. Also consider the range of coverage. How long it takes to install. If it consists of underground wires, cords, or poles as well. Also consider any other information pertinent to your specific situation. As you read through this thorough and carefully crafted buyer’s guide. Never forget, what is right for your neighbor is not always the right thing for you.

Do I Need A Wireless Fence For My Dog In The First Place?

It is the question you should be asking yourself before ever heading to the store (online or not) and even beginning to look for a wireless dog fence to purchase: Do I even need one?

If you own a dog, or plan on owning one in the future, then the answer is “yes.”

A wireless dog fence, also known as a wireless pet containment system, secures your dog in the comfort and safety of your own home and private property. It can also prevent awful accidents from happening. Like your dog being hit by a careless driver on the road. Or being attacked by a stray dog roaming the block and looking for trouble. Wireless dog fences protect your dog from the neighborhood, but they also protect the neighborhood from your dog too (admit it – some of our dogs are far from perfect).

Static correction, shock, auditory signals, vibrational stimulation, and more are proven methods for the safe training of dogs and other animals. This is why most wireless dog fences are built around one or more of these techniques. Studies have proven that a most effective way of restraining our pets is through the usage of wireless pet containment systems. A wireless dog fence is one of the very best options. Guarantee your dog’s safety and trainability.

How Does A Wired Fence For Dogs Compare To A Wireless Fence For Dogs?

There are many factors, both positive and negative, connected with wired or wireless fences for dogs. A large number of dog owners may prefer wireless fences because they don’t change the more than likely carefully planned appearance and atmosphere of your home. They cause zero obstructions at all, yet keep your pet 100% contained on your property. Here are some of the main points to consider when making a decision between wired or wireless dog fence purchases.

About Wired Dog Fences

These types of fences often come with dozens, if not hundreds, of meters of cord or wire that need to be buried in order to set and maintain exact boundary definitions. Sometimes they require poles, flags, above ground wires, and more in order to achieve basic function ability. Wired fences may or may not rely upon multiple transmitters as well.
The Best Wireless Fences For Dogs Guide

One positive feature credited to some wired dog fences is that they often times allow you more unique shape for your desired coverage area. However, that is by far not always the case. Another aspect is that they may require more labor to fully install and they become permanent fixtures after installation is complete.

About Wireless Dog Fences

Unlike wired fences, wireless fences for dogs tend to rely only upon two simple pieces of equipment. Both of which are typically even portable. The transmitter and the receiver. The reason most wireless transmitters broadcast a circular area is that there is no underground antenna involved.

Simply select a depth of desired coverage range, put a receiver collar on your pet, and you are ready to go in most cases. Every manufacturer takes a different approach and uses their own unique methods and technologies. Make sure that you understand everything that there is to know about a wireless pet containment system before making a final purchase.

How Do Wireless Fences For Dogs Function?

The main two functions of any wireless fence for dogs lie in the transmitter and the receiver collar. The transmitter throws out the signal. The collar receives it. The collar also acts as a locator for your dog while it is in the system. Some have gps built in encase your dog somehow manages to escape.

Some transmitters connect to wifi, many do not. Most transmitters can broadcast a signal and track your dog from several meters to about 30 meters away. Be sure to inquire whether or not your wireless dog fence will come with an instruction manual. Also be sure to inquire about training material, including flags and handbook, that may or may not come with your purchase.

Setting up most wireless fences for dogs is more than simple. Plug it in, normally inside your home, choose a radius to protect, and set the boundaries. Put the receiver collar on your pet and that’s all there is to it.

Considerations To Make Before Purchasing A Wireless Fence For Dogs

Every dog is different, and so are the circumstances of each and every dog owner. Now is the time to make major considerations to your own specific wireless fencing needs. Always be sure to take into account the following factors before buying a wireless pet containment system.

Coverage Range

How far does the signal work. How strong is the signal strength of the wireless fence transmitter. Since a wireless dog fence has no cordage or wires, how many transmitters, flags, or posts, are involved?

The area of coverage should be one of the very first and main factors for you to consider when thinking about buying. A single transmitter may cast a signal over 20 acres wide, while with other systems it may take up to a handful of transmitters to cover an area of more than one acre.

Also take the time to take into account the different types of terrain that your property actually consists of when planning to install a wireless fence system. Is the transmitter going to be strong enough to pass through multiple objects and structures that may or may not be existing on the property. Do hills, trees, or other geographical features of your property cause interference with the system’s signal.

Consider also the shape of your home and the area you wish to secure your dog in as well. Would a smaller system work in your situation. Or will you need to invest in a larger (or multiple) transmitters. Make sure that your chosen wireless fence system functions at the capacity that you will require it is capable of performing.

Installation Process

Most wireless dog fence systems are relatively easy to set up. There is not all that much involved in some, while others may require hours of preparation. Many are simply “plug-it-in and go.” Make sure that you are considering all of the most important aspects of your own personal needs and limitations before deciding which fence is right for you.

The installation of an average wireless dog fence requires around 1 hour of your time, that is it. I think it is more than fair to say that is a big plus. Most are even portable and can move with you wherever you go. Whether on vacation, visits to friends and family member’s homes, or even camping in the woods and mountains.

Make sure to take into account the space available as well of the transmitter requirements. Do you have an outlet available with 120-volt capability. Is it safely away from the elements of the weather. Consider all of these aspects.

Do I Need A Single Or Multiple Collar System?

Some pet containment systems work with a single collar, though it is more than common for wireless fence systems to operate with multiple collars. Make sure that you have this more than important question in mind while you are still in the research phase of planning to make the right product purchase. How many dogs do you have. Are you planning to add to the size of your pack in the future.

A single transmitter from one manufacturer may cover up to 3 or more pets. While it may take a certain number of transmitters from another company to accommodate for anything more than one or two pets. Take also into consideration the number of collars that a system allows to function at one time as well as number of collars you will receive with your initial purchase of the system.

Warranty – Full, Limited, Or None

Finding the perfect wireless dog fence can be a tricky and time consuming thing to undertake. Finding one that also comes with the right sort of warranty can be even more of a difficult task. Some manufacturers issue warranties that cover the first year or two. While others have a longer 3, 5, or 10 year warranties. Some even offer lifetime replacement warranties. Be sure you know what type of coverage yours will come with.

The type of warranty that comes with a wireless dog fence says a lot about the product you are buying. The longer the warranty, and the more it covers, the better off the quality of the product more than likely is going to be.

Customer service and trouble shooting assistance is one more thing to consider. Some companies customer service are available 24/7 and eager to assist, while others are extremely limited or even non-existent. Most of the time their customer service is available at least for the duration of the warranty.

Make sure to take into account the return policy of your product. Let’s face it. Sometimes we make the wrong purchase. Sometimes we need to, for other various reasons, return something we bought. Be sure to check the details for returning products whether they are new, used, defected, damaged, or otherwise. Every company policy is different. If you are not fully satisfied with your product you want to have the ability to return it.

What Sort Of Collar Needs To Come With My System?

Many systems offer vastly different options. Make sure you are fully aware of all the options available to you. Collar options are a huge factor in your decision to purchase a wireless dog fence system. Make sure size and function ability match your precise and personal needs.

Main aspects for you to consider about your receiver collar include battery, settings (correction levels), size of collar, and resistance to water and weather. You should also take into account the age and weight of your dog.

Let’s have a closer look at our main concerns about collars for our wireless pet containment systems.


The settings, also called correction levels, of a receiver collar are very important factors on your list of things to consider pre-purchase. Some correction level settings may be too high for your young pet. Others may be to high for your older pet. It can also be the other way around and a number of other scenarios as well. Most systems will come with multiple settings which allow you to fine tune performance based on your dog’s individual requirements.

Static correction levels for example may not be the best function to use with puppies or older dogs with extra sensitive hearing. If you ave a young Pit bull you may however require an extra strong static correction level for optimal performance with your particular dog. Make sure you are fully aware of all ranges of options that come with your systems collars.

Some collars come with auditory correction, or “tone only” settings. Others come with multiple types of “modes” to choose from. Once you have chosen a mode there are normally several levels of settings fr each one. Maybe an auditory warning, or beeping, is enough for your dog. Some companies even take into consideration tone-deaf animals and offer flashing lights and vibrational settings for you to choose from.


An important, though often overlooked, feature to consider before purchasing any given wireless fence system is the quality of it’s collar’s battery. How long does it last. How long does it take to charge. Does it involve additional costs to maintain.

Some collar’s battery life is days. Others take weeks or even months before they begin to die. Factors like hours of daily usage and level of correctional settings directly influence the life of the batteries in your dogs collar. Consider whether your batteries are chargeable or if they will need to be purchased new each time they run out of juice. Also take into consideration whether a charger is included with the system itself, or is it going to be an additional and separate purchase.

Size Of Collar

Wireless dog fence systems are not complete without a well functioning collar. A collar must fit properly to maximize overall function ability. If it is too tight it will be uncomfortable and possibly even harmful to your pet. If it is too loose, settings such as static, or other forms of stimulation, may not work properly as intended.

Make sure to measure your dogs neck size and remove all guess work from your purchasing decision. The last thing that you want to do is overlook such an important detail as the size of collar needed to properly fit around your dog’s neck.

Fortunately most systems collars are very adjustable and work with a host of dog breeds with little to no problem at all. Make sure that your desired wireless pet containment system has a collar that works well for the size of dog that you own to avoid unnecessary issues in this department.

Weight And Age Of Your Dog

In this guide we have researched, and outlined, all the nitty gritty details so you don’t have to spend hours searching through endless options from inferior brands. We have included reviews on the five best selling wireless containment systems for pets of 2018. Continue on with The Best Wireless Fences For Dogs Guide And Review 2018 to ensure you are able to make the most informed purchase decision possible.
There is typically a well stated easy to find minimum weight restriction attached to each individual wireless dog fence system. It is very important to follow this guideline, not only for full function ability of the system itself, but also to protect your precious pet from undo harm. Some wireless pet containment systems may be harmful to extremely small dogs.

Unfortunately for owners of minis and toy sized breeds, many wireless dog fence systems are built with only large breeds of dogs in mind. The typical system requires a minimum weight of 5 to 8 pounds at the very least. Be sure to know what the weight limit is on the system you are considering to buy.

Likewise, be aware of the age limit, or recommendations, of each particular system you are looking at. Each manufacturer is different, as each system consists of different technologies and components. Most have an age requirement of at least 2 to 6 months old. Most puppies are not ready to be trained until they are approaching a year old.

You don’t want to begin training your dog too soon with a corrective collar. You may cause confusion, or even trauma, to their still forming doggy brains. It is best to wait until your dog is closer to at least one year old before subjecting them to a training collar of any sort. No matter how safe it may or may not be. Know what is best for your dog and be sure to act accordingly.


Most wireless dog fence systems support fully waterproof collars. Typically they are also completely weather and climate resistant too. However, some collars come with limitations in this category so make sure you are aware of the level of water proofing, weather proofing, and resistance.

Waterproof means your collar will be fine when your dog splashes, or even takes a swim in the pool. Water resistant means it will handle the splashing and a light rain but not much more. While weather proof means that it will suffer no harm from powerful storms, winds, sun, snow, or rain.

Knowing your dog, and yourself, will clue you in on what will work best for the two of you. If you live in Seattle, a waterproof and weather resistant collar will be needed due to more rain than other regions of the U.S. get. If you live somewhere like the desert lands of the American Southwest, water resistance will be more than enough. However, due to the Sun, weather proof collars are always a plus.

Durability And Range

Again, knowledge of you and your dog is more than necessary in order to make the best buying decision possible. Take a hard look at the durability of your collar and transmitter. Is your dog a clumsy giant. You may want something with extra rugged and durable design if so. Only you know your dog the best.

As with the collar itself, durability and average lifespan of your transmitter are equally important factors to consider pre-purchase. So is the range of the collar receiver. Finding a transmitter which broadcasts far and wide enough to cover your respective area of containment if hugely important.

Acquainting Your Dog On Your New Wireless Fence System

Once you have made your final purchase and completed the full installation of your new fence, you will want to help your dog in becoming familiar with it. Teach your dog it’s new boundaries by being present as he/she discovers the limitations of it’s new containment area. As your dog’s owner, it is your responsibility to properly aid in the training of your dog. Your fence is a total system built for training and containment, but it is after all only equipment and still only a tool.

Flags, cordage, or other indicators may help your pet to realize it’s exact borders within the invisible fence. Walking around the edges of the newly established protected area is another good way to clearly show off the acceptable borders. Eventually your pet will become familiar with where it is allowed to roam and where the off-limits areas begin.

Every person is different, so it is the same with animals. We each have our own separate and unique personality traits. Let your dog learn in it’s own time. Be as supportive as you can, yet restrain from expecting to much to quick. Let your dog set it’s own pace for optimal experience with it’s new wireless containment system.

It is normal for wireless fences to have several shape options. Circular patterns are the most common and probably the most beneficial. There is no need for setting posts in the ground or burying wires. Just plug it in and select a radius. Take time to measure how much space you will need for your dog and make your purchase accordingly. Once you are aware of your needs, the easier it will become to narrow down the best available choices for you and your pets.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Wireless Fences For Dogs

What is a wireless containment system for dogs in the first place?

A wireless containment system is a system built for the purpose of replacing a physical border, such as a fence, but still secures your pet just the same. There are no wires required for the system to work. A wireless fence for dogs is a good example of wireless containment system.

A transmitter is plugged in somewhere, usually inside of your home, and receiver, which is in the collar, is placed on your pet. The signal received by the collar helps to correct your dog when it tries to leave the designated protected area.

What is the age limit for pet training with wireless fences for dogs?

There are no actual age limits for training dogs with a wireless containment system. Most systems have multiple settings for multiple correction levels. Simply pick the one that is most effective in your situation and safest for your pet in particular.

Wireless pet containment systems like wireless fences for dogs are suggested for pets of at least 2 to 6 months or older. Though this is left up to the owners discretion.

Is there a size limit for pets?

There is no true size limit for pets. Each wireless dog fence manufacturer places their own size requirements based on their own brands equipment. Most wireless pet containment systems cater to larger dogs. However, It is not uncommon to find systems offering equipment for dogs of 5 to 8 pounds.

What if my dog is deaf?

Wireless pet containment systems come in all forms. There are a multitude of systems that work properly for deaf pets. Many come with correction settings that will vibrate and even have flashing lights. It is vital to check all aspects of a system before purchasing to make sure it is right for you and your pet.

What about the batteries?

Most wireless fences for dogs have transmitters that run on 120-volt outlets inside or outside of your home. The receiver collar tends to run on various types of batteries. Some systems come with collars that have rechargeable internal batteries. It is more than important to be aware of your receiver collar’s power source prior to purchase.

Some systems will require a small stock of batteries to be kept on hand for when the collar batteries die. Others may even require the separate purchase of a special type of charger just for the collar. Always know what you are buying before you buy it and what it will take as far as upkeep is concerned. Some are quite costly, while others may not be considered costly at all.

What happens if I need to replace or add an additional collar to the system?

Typically you can add multiple collars to one system without any issue. Most wireless containment systems allow you to add as many collars as you are willing to pay for in addition to the initial costs of the system. Some systems even work with multiple collar manufactures. Others require their brand of collar to be used exclusively.

Many systems however are built specifically for one collar only. Be sure to do your research thoroughly on this aspect if you have more than one dog or are evening thinking about adding another dog to your pack in the future. Be fully prepared before purchasing a wireless fence for dogs.

How can you tell if the system is working properly?

Identifying issues with most wireless dog fences is really quite simple. Most equipment including transmitters and receiver collars come with built in lights which are programmed in helpful ways to indicate common problems that may occur in the system.

Reading the owners manual is a must-do with any wireless containment system in order for it to function at it’s maximum capacity. Most systems have been well tested and have a fairly decent trouble shooting guide included in the paperwork.

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